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How To [BKEYWORD: 5 Strategies That Work

If you are a really fast clicker and can hit 15 clicks per second, FCFs are worth 148,484.7 seconds each. With MouseKeys active and 20 clicks per second each FCF will give 197,979.6 seconds. Elder Frenzy vs. 10 CpC Frenzy+CF: an EF is worth about the same as a 10-click FCF. Elder Frenzy vs. 20 CpC Frenzy+CF: an EF is worth a little under half a ...Christmas bonuses are gotten from upgrading Santa and clicking on Reindeer. Easter eggs show up from clicking Golden/Wrath Cookies and from popping Wrinklers. Valentine's upgrades just show up. Halloween cookies come exclusively from Wrinklers, so don't toggle Halloween until you've begun the Grandmapocalypse.Activate Sugar Frenzy Activate Elder Frenzy from Wrath Cookie Take all 3 Loans Sell all Mines, Factories, Shipments, Alchemy Labs, Portals and Time Machines Click the big cookie like crazy (or with autoclicker) At last second of Elder Frenzy, harvest all BakeberriesWe would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.If you are a really fast clicker and can hit 15 clicks per second, FCFs are worth 148,484.7 seconds each. With MouseKeys active and 20 clicks per second each FCF will give 197,979.6 seconds. Elder Frenzy vs. 10 CpC Frenzy+CF: an EF is worth about the same as a 10-click FCF. Elder Frenzy vs. 20 CpC Frenzy+CF: an EF is worth a little under half a ...just got elder frenzy + click frenzy. best combo i ever had (aka this 1). it generated about 8 times as much as i ever made in about 10 seconds. Just wait until you get to the point where you need combos like that (or more!) to progress.Let me tell you the secret sauce for Force the hand of fate: building frenzy. If you activate hand of fate during a building frenzy, the resulting golden cookie will almost always combo, unless you get a lucky cookie. Building Frenzy will also give a you a more than 7x multiplier if you have more than 70 of that building.Cookie Clicker FtHoF Planner v5. Based on FtHoF planner v1, v2, v3, v4 by RebelKeithy, Skeezy, Eminenti, and Mylaaan. Huge thanks to them for creating such a helpful tool. The current version is compatible with cookie clicker 2.052, "often imitated, never duplicated". see here for the full version history, credits & contacts.Pledging during active play is also essentially free. Get all the achievements on your first ascension, so yes, it is worth it. Man, people do so much work on this game. I take the biggest passive boosts I can find, and almost never click the cookie. So for sure I do grandmapocalypse every time.In late game in octdecillions. What's my plan of attack for this FtHoF combo? Get close, plant golden glovers, pop sugar frenzy, wait for frenzy+building special, golden switch, fthof click frenzy (make sure to click it before fthof again), elder frenzy, sell everything for gozomodok, profit. Do I have the steps right? Should I throw a loan in?Like your first reset, you might want to aim for a 50-100% increase in income or Heavenly Chips between resets. One rule of thumb that I use is the '2 Heavenly Chips per Frenzy-Lucky Combo'-rule (the handy 2HCpFLC …I do queenbeets with elder frenzy + normal frenzy/building frenzy. I'm semi-active for ~4-5 hours a day and usually manage 1 or 2 harvests a day (2 only if I've got a half-grown garden by the end of the previous day). I guess it's more difficult if you're not active, since a growing garden also tanks your cps.i wanted to combo frenzy, click frenzy or dragonflight, elder frenzy, sugar frenzy, godzamok, golden switch and the temporary cps buff of the bank, which would be a ~ 2.463.102.432x multiplier. so i got a frenzy and a dragonflight just after, activated every other buff, but when i started clicking, i noticed something was off, i got much less cookies then i was expecting. i was confused untill ...They also have a chance to give you a 666x frenzy, called an "Elder Frenzy" which is insane. To put that in perspective, over the 13 seconds it normally lasts, ... The Grandma is the main antagonist of Cookie Clicker Classic and the 1.0 Update, and the second cheapest building you can purchase with an initial cost of 100 cookies. She produces ...Elder Frenzy is the strongest GC or WC effect you can get without having an autoclicker, and it's only available from WC. And even with Clot and Ruin totaling just over 50% of the WC you'll get, you still come out ahead because of the power of Lucky (gives more than Ruin takes), Click Frenzy, Elder Frenzy, and Cookie Chains.About the Elder Slumber Achievement. Help/Question. It says to get it that I have to appease the Grand-matriarchs at least five times. Is it talking about the pledge, not the covenant? I did the covenant at least 8 times, and have yet to unlock it. Or is it talking about over five different resets? Archived post.I don't use Golden Cookie Planner or savescumming, i just plant BB during a Clot or a Cursed Finger, grow them with Fertilizer, freeze the garden and wait for a Elder Frenzy cookie. I also try to use FTFOH to combine a golden cookie with Elder Frenzy but i often got a Lucky cookie or something not that good for my harvest.I got Elder frenzy from the wrath cookie and gained over 50 vigintillion cookies for my efforts. I think that was my best combo in 3,745 days of playing :) Reply replyI have tried and failed to unlock Bakeberries. From the math I've done garden combos should actually work quite well though--a big garden combo probably matches or outdoes the click combos I was doing. Get a good boost on Force the Hand of Fate. Pair with a good natural boost like Elder Frenzy or Frenzy+building special. Sell Duketaters.For example, "Ruin" makes you lose less than "Lucky" gains, and they have the same chance. Clot cuts your CPS in half, and building special debuffs severely reduce your CPS for a bit, but you can also get an Elder Frenzy (the best cookie in the game IMO!), and building specials are more common than debuffs and more than make up for them.80. 7.8K views 1 year ago. Cookie Clicker Combo on beta version 2.045. Nothing special but it is what it is. Remember to like the video if you enjoyed it, and Subscribe if you are …Nov 27, 2019 · got lucky and found a elder frenzy / click frenzy combo in fthof so i went for it and ended up making a lot from it (something like 6-7 months worth of cps)e...Business, Economics, and Finance. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. CryptoSep 13, 2021 · According to the Cookie Clicker Wiki: Valentine's Day is February 10-15 Easter is Palm Sunday-Resurrection Sunday (exact dates depend on the year, and I believe this follows Catholic Easter like most of the world, not Orthodox) Halloween is October 24-31 Christmas is December 15-31 Business Day (no related achievements) is March 31-April 2How How How Reindeer/Elder Frenzy . I am in the low vigintillions rn at 93% achievements only using QoL mods such as auto clicker, auto golden cookie clicker(not the one that stacks buffs), and a plant all button on the garden. I have been more and more active in grinding towards the shadow achievement gaseous assets(@17 mil) and I have been ...I've been browsing for new strategies to get past the sexdecillions since my game has slowed down by like 3000% ever since I got every ascension upgrade, and I see a lot of people talking about scrying and planners. While I have found out about planners, I am not too happy about using websites/addons/out of website cheats, but I am very ...However the wrath cookies can also give you some special effects, such as elder frenzy (x666 cps production for a short time) and cursed finger (cps set to 0 for 20 seconds, but each click is worth 20 second of cps, this can be useful for planting plants in the garden, or activating switches).There are couple game strats to remember, like Spontaneous Edifice to get everything to 400 then selling YOUs, golden cookie combos (Dragonflight + elder frenzy + Godzamuk), having a building buff ready in Force the Hand of Fate, and popping a full garden of queenbeets during a good elder frenzy combo..Cursed Finger (CuF) Dragon Harvest (DH) Dragonflight (DF) You will want to combo several of these together to get anywhere quickly. There is also Godzamok selling building buffs, Mokalsium buffs, etc. There is also Bakeberries, for which harvesting 36 will give 18 hours of CpS instantly, so combine with golden cookie combos.If I had to guess I've clicked at least 50 backfire wrath cookies, and have only gotten one elder frenzy out of them. I can't remember if get lucky is still possible to get from them, but I guess it's up to you.One of them is a much higher chance of cookie chains. It also can give you "Elder Frenzy," which gives you a temporary boost of x666 CPS. Stacked with ten wrinklers, this will give you huge amount of cookies. In my experience (over 25 quintillion cookies baked), the wrath cookie is actually as good as the golden cookie.I think I've heard that click frenzy stacks with frenzy though. Can't confirm it, but I think I would cry doughy tears of joy if that happened to me. It does. I had this happen to me earlier today, I was making 4 trillion cookies per click with my default CPS being a meager ~20b.Edit: Funnily enough, a couple hours ago my elder pledge ran out seconds before a golden cookie during a frenzy and I managed to accidentially get frenzy + elder frenzy combo. What a coincidence. And it was pretty disappointing. The timer on elder frenzy is so short you don't really get a huge difference. I'd much rather get a click frenzy ...v2.001 BETA SPOILERS. It might happen in v2.001. There seems to be a new golden cookie effect which spawns a multitude of Golden Cookies (and presumably Wrath Cookies) at once. If you click fast enough you might get this, with the risk of a Frenzy or Clot cancelling the Elder Frenzy if it comes first. 4.Getting ready to downsize? Read our complete guide on downsizing for seniors so that you can take steps now to make downsizing easier and more efficient. Expert Advice On Improving...With this strategy, you're basically committing to having a low amount of wrinklers for 45 minutes. You'll most likely encounter an Elder Frenzy in that time, for which you're giving up a huge part of the income for. Bottom line is I don't think getting out of Easter or Halloween earlier is that beneficial. Maybe you'll gain an hour or two with ...On a basic Harvest Frenzy + Building GC I earn 3.0e+63 on average and on a good havest Frenzy + Building GC + Elder Fenzy or other Building GC I double my bank minimum. ... Let me put it this way... I was on and off cookie clicker for years. Usually played for month or two, then deleting save to free myself. ...i would be disappointed when i have a month's worth of cookies and i get elder frenzy+ruin which makes me lose 1.5 days (5%) of cookies (corresponding to 3 minutes in the elder frenzy) and I only get back like 2 hours of cookies (12 sec of x666) giving a net loss of 1.4 days.The other 3 can be a combination of golden and red cookies, but could contain an elder and a click frenzy. The 3 loans, the sugar frenzy, click a golden sugar lump to reset the sugar timers, extend the timers three times with the refreshed mana, and then hit the golden cookie button.I used the FtHoF planner v4 and saw that I could get an elder frenzy outcome after ~100 casts. It took a few weeks before I got there; it's fairly rare for it to spawn at all, and the chances of it appearing right after a click frenzy are even lower. It was mostly just luck and waiting tbh ... Happy 10th Birthday, Cookie Clicker!Just wait till you have a Frenzy (or Elder Frenzy) and Cast FtHoF, golden cookies spawned by the spell have a higher chance to be a Clicking Frenzy than normal golden cookies. Note: It is important to have Godzamok on the Diamond slot in the Pantheon, so that you can sell buildings to gain another buff, increasing cookie gain!Krumblor the cookie dragon is obtained by sacrificing cookies and buildings. The player will unlock selectable auras which provide various benefits in the game. An aura can be selected by clicking on the dragon. Switching auras costs one of the highest tier building owned. To unlock Krumblor, the player must purchase the Heavenly Upgrade …frenzy + elder frenzy + click frenzy + building special (Cookie Clicker combo)So Santa left a brand-new computer under the tree this year, eh? Lucky you! If you're spending the holiday setting up a new Mac or PC, it's time to get filled with free software ch...Learn how to use Golden and Wrath cookies, Krumblor, and other buffs to get huge multipliers in CPS and clicking. Find out how to trigger Elder Frenzy, …One application of this is using Force the Hand of Fate to confirm either a Click Frenzy or Elder Frenzy cookie will be generated and use that during a Frenzy, Building Special, and/or Dragonflight buff (note: Click Frenzy cannot be summoned during a Dragonflight).If I had to guess I've clicked at least 50 backfire wrath cookies, and have only gotten one elder frenzy out of them. I can't remember if get lucky is still possible to get from them, but I guess it's up to you.Eldeer - Pop a reindeer during an elder frenzy Baby it's old outside - Click one of Santa's helper grandmas during Christmas season Lovely cookies - Unlock every Valentine-themed cookieA guide to harvesting bakeberries in order to maximize profit. When planting: turn off golden switch, get a clot from a wrath cookie, plant the seeds, then turn the golden switch back on. Use fertilizer for the garden, then wait for the bakeberries to mature. When harvesting: turn off golden switch, get the Elder Covenant, get a frenzy from a ...Pop a reindeer during an elder frenzy. 265 Baby it's old outside Click one of Santa's helper grandmas during Christmas season. 580 Lovely cookies : Unlock ... Heat death, cookie clicker forever and forever a hundred years cookie clicker, all day long forever, forever a hundred times, over and over cookie clicker adventures dot com, Microcosm, ...This is sort of an exestential question. A wrinkler is a manifestation of the demonic presence of grandmas that feeds on the life force generated by the making of cookies. They will leech from your cookie production, but like any leech-like organism, when detroyed the substance in which they leech will spill forth.Elder frenzy: Boosts CpS by x666 for 6 seconds. One of the strongest effects in the game. As you can see, Wrath Cookies can be a bit of a gamble. But the positive effects greatly counterweight the negative ones. ... More Cookie Clicker guilds. All Guilds; Cookie Clicker: Complete Achievements Guide; How to click the cookie; Enable Steam ...Make them queenbeets, then harvest during frenzy+elderfrenzy + building special (from FTHOF spell). This is the best strategy. 54 votes, 22 comments. 73K subscribers in the CookieClicker community. A subreddit for the popular cookie-clicking game.There’s nothing quite like a Christmas cookie to get you in the holiday spirit. We surveyed 4,500 Americans to find out their favorites. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos...これは Frenzy・Elder Frenzy による効果を受ける。 Elder Frenzy 中に運良くクリックできれば最大で 22.2 時間分のクッキー をゲットできる。 V. 2.002 で、Frenzy・Elder Frenzy 中のトナカイ報酬が弱体化された。Cookie Clicker. Got it! Unsurprisingly, this website uses cookies for ads and traffic analysis. Learn more....

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Cookie Clicker Combo on beta version 2.045.Nothing special but it is what it is.Remember to like the video if you enjoyed it,...

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Oct 29, 2022 · Golden Cookies. Golden Cookies can give you very good buffs that are crucial to combos. The obvious one is Frenzy...

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